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Web designer & front-end developer, sometimes illustrator, life-long corgi aficionado.

1 Lucy & Ruby’s
Brainy Day

Lucy & Ruby’s Brainy Day is a non-profit organization that holds a yearly event to raise money for brain cancer research. I built the website that focused on telling the story about how Lucy and Ruby founded the event.

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2 Birmingham
Kitchen Table

Birmingham Kitchen Table hosts dinners and discussions for adults representing diverse cross-sections of our communities. I created an adaptable logo and website that would change based on the topic for each event.

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3 Grapico

Introduced in 1916, Grapico is a purple colored soft drink predominant in the South. To coincide with the unveiling of Grapico’s new branding, I created a website to show off the new look and celebrate the history of Grapico.

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4 BAM!

BAM! Publishing's Espresso Book Machine is a self-contained, in-store printer and binder that gives you access to more than seven million public-domain, out-of-print and small-publisher books. I was tasked with taking the established branding of the Espresso Book Machine and adapting it to a clean, informational website.

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5 Honda R&D

Honda R&D Americas requested a holiday card for employees and the general public that would celebrate their history. I built a website that unwraps gifts as the viewer scrolls revealing important events, products and places.

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